Myumyu, provides specialized health services and animal welfare in a family atmosphere.
Our concept of Homecare is innovative, allowing it to respond effectively to the individual expectations of each client;

Health care at home reduce the stress of animals, as they are kept in their environment accelerating the healing process.

In addition to the household support services, our clinic responds to surgery and cases of extreme gravity, whose hospitalization is required.

Myumyu's services are oriented in the following areas:

* Veterinary home care (do not charge displacement);

* Nursing home care (we do not charge displacement);

* Veterinary Clinic (consultation, surgery, exams, hospitalization);

* Pet Sitting;

* Dogwalking;

* Pet - Taxi;

* Nutrition;

* Baths and Grooming;

* Online Shop with specialized products.


The Myumyu is a member of PSI - Pet Sitters International and associated of PSIANIMAL - Portuguese Therapy Behavior and Animal Welfare Association.